The Tunnel

The Tunnel - Elise and Karl

Are you watching The Tunnel on Sky Atlantic?

A body is found on the border of England and France in the Eurotunnel, here replacing Denmark, Sweden and Öresundsbron in the Scandinavian original.

The first episode seemed like a (slightly unnecessary) remake of the original. Elise was SO Saga, even up to getting changed in the police office, and Karl had had the same delicate operation as Martin. It will be interesting to see how closely it sticks to the original as the series progresses and how the different national traits and characters will be brought out.  Lars Blomgren, executive producer on The Bridge, said that “In The Tunnel the differences in the two languages adds a lot of humour to this series.” So it seems like there could be a different dynamic emerging in the detectives’ relationship.

There is a Scandi flair to the production – muted colours, minimalist interior design, the Nordic Noir macabre details and in this way it is a nice homage to the original.

Lars Blomgren also said, “I think it’s like watching a good theatre play several times in different versions, if you like the story, this is a new take on the story. I think audiences will like it, even if they’ve seen the original.”

The Bridge - Saga and Martin

Sky – 10 reasons to watch The Tunnel

Adapting The Tunnel – Interview with Lars Blomgren

The Tunnel is on Sky Atlantic on Wednesdays at 9pm.

Are you watching? Who do you prefer – Saga and Martin or Elise and Karl?

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Nordic winter sports in The Guardian

If you are planning your winter holidays and thinking of heading to Scandinavia, you might find inspiration on The Guardian website. It has posted several articles about skiing and skating in Sweden and Norway in the last couple of days which you can find at the links below:

Cross-country skiing in Funäsfjällen, Sweden

Norway’s skiing secrets

Skating on sea ice in Sweden

I am planning on doing some cross-country skiing on my next visit to Sweden, though if I have the courage to try downhill remains to be seen!

In Scandinavia (perhaps excepting parts of Denmark), winter sports are just part of life. Kids aspire to be ice hockey players, slalom champs or complete the Vasaloppet. So if you have never tried before it can be less expensive than you’d thought and a lot of fun, especially if your day on the trails and slopes is followed by a sauna, hot tub and/or some Northern Lights spotting!

Are you planning a winter break to Scandinavia? Or tips for those who are?

Stockholm collection at Boden

British fashion brand Boden has a Nordic-inspired ‘Stockholm’ collection in its Winter catalogue.

Check it out here: There are some lovely Swedish fashion shots in the paper catalogue (with a few Stockholm sights and streets for the eagle-eyed).

I have my eye on a few of the pieces, but would probably have to wait for the sale to get them on my limited budget:

Boden Retro tunic dress

The Retro tunic dress has a functional Scandi chic and would be great for office workers. £99.

Chevron Yoke jumper in harbour blue

A Sarah Lund-style jumper, though in rather brighter colourways, is also included. This one is really tempting me (especially in these wonderfully Swedish colours) and looks like it would be super cosy. £79.

What do you think of the Stockholm collection?

8 hilarious IKEA memes, videos and homage websites

Everyone can enjoy an IKEA meme

TED Blog

After 25 years working in sustainability, Steve Howard made a surprising move: he went to work for IKEA. In today’s talk, he explains why by giving a sense of just how far IKEA is going to make sure it has a positive environmental impact. [ted_talkteaser id=1850]“Sustainability’s gone from a ‘nice-to-do’ to a ‘must-do,’” says Howard in this bold talk. “It’s about what we do right here, right now, and for the rest of our working lives.”

Many companies have sustainability goals. But IKEA’s are quite radical. By 2016, the assemble-it-yourself furniture megastore — which is so much a part of our lives — will only stock LED bulbs. By 2020, IKEA stores will produce more energy than they use.

IKEA, what with its Swedish meatballs, is a part of the cultural conversation in a way few brands are. So could their sustainability efforts push the needle for…

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Lights and Lingonberries at Lidl

Advent star from LidlIt seems like this week a good place to start when looking for some Nordic touches for your home is your local German supermarket.

From today, Lidl has Advent stars for £4.99 which come in a variety of very tempting colours and patterns and with fancy LED lights which seem a little safer and more economical than the standard bulbs. I bought the gold star and it looks like it will light up my window beautifully come 1st December. The patterned version pictured is tempting me too, though.

I also bought another Scandi treat from Lidl this weekend: a lingonberry plant! I was tempted by the price (£3.99) and that it’s a cute and practical addition to the garden.  I am also hoping that it will be impossible to kill as it can survive the Swedish winters! I bought it imagining baking lingonberry pies and making jam with the fruit but the tag seems to suggest it is non-edible. Well I ate one berry yesterday and survived to write this post but, as it was not the most delicious lingonberry I have tried, perhaps I shouldn’t make a whole jar of jam from the harvest.

The lingonberries are no longer on the website but the advent stars (among other Christmas decorations) are here: