Lights and Lingonberries at Lidl

Advent star from LidlIt seems like this week a good place to start when looking for some Nordic touches for your home is your local German supermarket.

From today, Lidl has Advent stars for £4.99 which come in a variety of very tempting colours and patterns and with fancy LED lights which seem a little safer and more economical than the standard bulbs. I bought the gold star and it looks like it will light up my window beautifully come 1st December. The patterned version pictured is tempting me too, though.

I also bought another Scandi treat from Lidl this weekend: a lingonberry plant! I was tempted by the price (£3.99) and that it’s a cute and practical addition to the garden.  I am also hoping that it will be impossible to kill as it can survive the Swedish winters! I bought it imagining baking lingonberry pies and making jam with the fruit but the tag seems to suggest it is non-edible. Well I ate one berry yesterday and survived to write this post but, as it was not the most delicious lingonberry I have tried, perhaps I shouldn’t make a whole jar of jam from the harvest.

The lingonberries are no longer on the website but the advent stars (among other Christmas decorations) are here:

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