Nordic winter sports in The Guardian

If you are planning your winter holidays and thinking of heading to Scandinavia, you might find inspiration on The Guardian website. It has posted several articles about skiing and skating in Sweden and Norway in the last couple of days which you can find at the links below:

Cross-country skiing in Funäsfjällen, Sweden

Norway’s skiing secrets

Skating on sea ice in Sweden

I am planning on doing some cross-country skiing on my next visit to Sweden, though if I have the courage to try downhill remains to be seen!

In Scandinavia (perhaps excepting parts of Denmark), winter sports are just part of life. Kids aspire to be ice hockey players, slalom champs or complete the Vasaloppet. So if you have never tried before it can be less expensive than you’d thought and a lot of fun, especially if your day on the trails and slopes is followed by a sauna, hot tub and/or some Northern Lights spotting!

Are you planning a winter break to Scandinavia? Or tips for those who are?

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