The Tunnel

The Tunnel - Elise and Karl

Are you watching The Tunnel on Sky Atlantic?

A body is found on the border of England and France in the Eurotunnel, here replacing Denmark, Sweden and Öresundsbron in the Scandinavian original.

The first episode seemed like a (slightly unnecessary) remake of the original. Elise was SO Saga, even up to getting changed in the police office, and Karl had had the same delicate operation as Martin. It will be interesting to see how closely it sticks to the original as the series progresses and how the different national traits and characters will be brought out.  Lars Blomgren, executive producer on The Bridge, said that “In The Tunnel the differences in the two languages adds a lot of humour to this series.” So it seems like there could be a different dynamic emerging in the detectives’ relationship.

There is a Scandi flair to the production – muted colours, minimalist interior design, the Nordic Noir macabre details and in this way it is a nice homage to the original.

Lars Blomgren also said, “I think it’s like watching a good theatre play several times in different versions, if you like the story, this is a new take on the story. I think audiences will like it, even if they’ve seen the original.”

The Bridge - Saga and Martin

Sky – 10 reasons to watch The Tunnel

Adapting The Tunnel – Interview with Lars Blomgren

The Tunnel is on Sky Atlantic on Wednesdays at 9pm.

Are you watching? Who do you prefer – Saga and Martin or Elise and Karl?

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