Vaala slipper socks

Ooh, don’t these look cosy?

Cream knitted slipper socks with blue, yellow and red yarn detail

Featured in this week’s Home wish list in the Guardian, these woollen slippers caught my eye as they seemed so typically Swedish and perfect for these dark winter evenings.

The slipper socks are available from Urbanara, an online design shop with lots of interesting and beautiful pieces for the home.

Vaala hand-knitted slipper socks in beige with red, blue and yellow detail are available for £20, here.



I’ve just read that Sky Atlantic is carrying on with its Nordic Noir inspired programming and is making a murder mystery set within the Arctic Circle region of Iceland, which will be called Fortitude.

Sofie Grabol as Sarah Lund in The Killing

The cast will include The Killing‘s Sofie Gråbøl as a politician, alongside Christopher Ecclestone, Michael Gambon, Stanley Tucci and other impressive names.

I am interested to see how Sky will make the programme set in Iceland with no Icelandic cast members…or perhaps they just haven’t been announced yet. In any case I hope it makes slightly more sense than the BBC’s version of Wallander (I just couldn’t get past the weird language situation, give me subtitles any day!) and I am very curious. And will Sofie get another iconic jumper to add to her wardrobe?

Read the Radio Times story here: Christopher Eccleston, Sofie Grabol and Michael Gambon cast in Sky’s Arctic Circle drama Fortitude

The production company Tiger Aspect has more details of the plot and describes the 13 x 1 hour episode series as ‘Sky’s most ambitious drama to date’. Fortitude at Tiger Aspect

Are you looking forward to Fortitude? What do you make of UK versions of Scandi crime thrillers?

Nordic directory now live!

You can now check out my list of Nordic shops in the UK at the ‘Nordic directory’

Nordic directory

For a little while now I have been thinking about compiling a list of all those Nordic retailers and Scandinavian suppliers available in Britain. After some thinking and googling I have made a start and hope you find it useful.

Have a look now and discover some Scandinavian products available in the UK! If you notice some obvious omissions or have some great Nordic retail tips, let me know in the comments.

Scandi kitchen in the Express

If you are close to a newsagent, then you can find a range of Scandi recipes in today’s  Sunday Express. I’m on my way to get one now!

Check out @Scanditwitchen’s Tweet:

Updated: There are six recipes online now: Anchovy gratin, kale salad and apple cake: 6 best Scandinavian recipes

Ohh, the kladdkaka and apple cake look delicious!

And isn’t ‘Anchovy gratin’ just Janssons frestelse / Janssons temptation by any other name?


With my Kånken on the pier in Ystad

In the last post, one of the pics in the gallery featured a Kånken Mini backpack. I have seen plenty of toddlers in Nordic airports wearing those and they are adorable! But if you are over the age of five, a full-size Kånken will probably suit you better.

There is just the right amount of room for your maps, jumper, umbrella, water bottle and the essentials like phone and purse. And the sit mat that comes in the back pocket is also very handy for those impromptu fika stops or hard/damp benches on your travels.

I have had my charcoal one for three years and it seems to get better with age as it gets a little scuffed and ‘used’ looking. It is the perfect little backpack for city holidays, and especially good for blending in with the hipsters on visits to Scandinavian cities. They are also an absolute must for any student or exchange student in Sweden. I have never seen such a high concentration of Kånken users as I did in Uppsala!

There are a few places to buy them in the UK (I have seen them in my local Blacks and in some ‘hip’ clothing stores), but the best bet, especially if you want a specific colour, will be to  order online.*

I was lucky to get mine on sale in Germany and I have seen them for £35 in Blacks’ sale, so it is worth looking out for bargains if you don’t have to have one right now. 

*I have not used these websites myself, just found the ones with the best Kånken range. However, I have been to the Nordic Outdoor shop in Keswick and it was great so I hope their customer service via the web is as good as that instore.

Do you have a Kånken? What do you like about them? Where did you buy yours?

Nordic-inspired Glasgow flat

Monochrome Nordic-inspired flat


The Guardian Interiors this week week profiles a family who has created a strict monochrome theme in their Glasgow flat. Black, white and greys abound and there is a definite Nordic influence, as many pieces come from Nordic designers or seem to have been influenced by them.

The look is a little extreme for my tastes (I just painted my bathroom yellow!) but there are some beautiful pieces. The DiamondChair, above, looks awesome, but I’m not sure how cosy it would be.

More affordably, I love the Anglepoise look of the IKEA  Aröd lamp:

For the full gallery and details of lots of the pieces, check out the link:


Charles Augustus Magnussen

Lars Mikkelsen as Charles Augustus Magnussen


There is a treat for any fans of The Killing tonight as Lars Mikkelsen (TROELS!!) is starring as blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen in tonight’s Sherlock.

According to reports online he is “utterly terrifying” and had to ham up his Scandinavian accent for the role. I’m curious to find out how much of Scandinavia we’ll see. A shot of his super-stylish Danish evil lair? Will he be snacking on cinnamon buns and sipping strong coffee as he plots? Creating LEGO models of the crime scene? Or cycling from victim to victim?

Well hopefully it won’t get too ridiculous but I can’t wait to see where they’re going with this. Will he make it to series 4?

Digital Spy story:

Have you spotted any of your favourite Nordic actors in UK/US shows? Did they bring some Scandi style?