Annika Stranded

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Even Radio 4’s in on the Nordic Noir act, with its own crime serial set in Oslo.

I am a bit late to the party on this one as it is currently in the middle of Series 2. From what I heard today it is quite intriguing, this week’s case involving a woman impaled by a falling icicle in an Oslo Street on a winter’s night.

When it began, I couldn’t tell if it was a documentary about a Brit living in Oslo, a ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ piece or a drama.

I find Scandi-set shows in English somewhat confusing – hence my dislike of the Branagh Wallander – but I might try and catch up on this one on iPlayer.

Annika Stranded
Have you been listening to Annika Stranded? What do you think of it?


The Hundred-Year-Old Man…

So it’s been out a week – have you seen it yet?

Sadly it’s not showing near me so I might be waiting for the DVD but I’m not sure how excited I am. Though it’s pretty fun that a Swedish film has such a big budget and wide release, the book was just a bit too silly for me.


What did you think of The One Hundred Year Old Who Climbed Out Of A Window And Ran Away?