Scandinavian Specialities at Lidl

From tomorrow, Lidl are selling a variety of Scandinavian specialities, including knäckebröd, köttbullar and sill (crisp bread, meatballs and pickled herring). The selection includes Swedish almond torte, Norwegian cheese and Finnish mustard. Danish pork scratchings are on the menu, too  (though I didn’t realise they were a Danish speciality..?) And liquorice lovers are in luck as there a couple of strong Nordic varieties on offer.

Will you be rushing out to Lidl tomorrow? On my list are cinnamon buns, crisp breads and maybe some biscuits. What will you be picking up?

See the full selection of Scandinavian treats here:


Lights and Lingonberries at Lidl

Advent star from LidlIt seems like this week a good place to start when looking for some Nordic touches for your home is your local German supermarket.

From today, Lidl has Advent stars for £4.99 which come in a variety of very tempting colours and patterns and with fancy LED lights which seem a little safer and more economical than the standard bulbs. I bought the gold star and it looks like it will light up my window beautifully come 1st December. The patterned version pictured is tempting me too, though.

I also bought another Scandi treat from Lidl this weekend: a lingonberry plant! I was tempted by the price (£3.99) and that it’s a cute and practical addition to the garden.  I am also hoping that it will be impossible to kill as it can survive the Swedish winters! I bought it imagining baking lingonberry pies and making jam with the fruit but the tag seems to suggest it is non-edible. Well I ate one berry yesterday and survived to write this post but, as it was not the most delicious lingonberry I have tried, perhaps I shouldn’t make a whole jar of jam from the harvest.

The lingonberries are no longer on the website but the advent stars (among other Christmas decorations) are here: